Macbook Air 13″ 2013 Review

Since 2010 I’ve been using a 13 inch Macbook Air and it has been by far the best laptop I’ve ever used, until now. The 2013 model of the 13″ Macbook Air is almost the exact same form factor I love with an even faster processor and incredible battery life.

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Search as you Type jQuery Plugin (sayt.js)

When I saw the search as you type feature Google added to their eCommerce search (example on, try searching door) I wanted something very similar for sites I worked on. After searching for a plugin most were clunky, outdated looking, or needed modifications to be more user friendly. Well with all that I’ve learned from this process I’ve made sayt.js, a plugin for searching as you type.

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Supr Slim Wallet Review

The Supr Slim Wallet which was funded over 2000% on Kickstarter is the best wallet I’ve ever used. It taught me one thing, I was wasting time and space carrying all the things I have been carrying in my wallet.

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My Camera Gear

I’ve started to take more and more photos so I’m sharing my gear and software used to produce the results I’m getting.

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5 Basics of A/B Testing

Split URL testing can lead to huge benefits in your website or app. If you’re new to testing, you’re at the right place. These 5 guidelines are important to running any test.

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Slick 3D Buttons (PSD)

Here are a few buttons including default, hover and active states. These are great if you need an eye catching call to action. The font used was Nevis which you can get for free here.