Search as you Type jQuery Plugin (sayt.js)

When I saw the search as you type feature Google added to their eCommerce search (example on, try searching door) I wanted something very similar for sites I worked on. After searching for a plugin most were clunky, outdated looking, or needed modifications to be more user friendly. Well with all that I’ve learned from this process I’ve made sayt.js, a plugin for searching as you type.

Features at a glance include

  • Showing search result suggestions by reading a JSON file (that must be specifically formatted currently details)
  • Group searches results by category, great for sites that search pages and products for example
  • Support for images in your search results
  • Keyboard support for selecting a search result
  • Easily theme-able with CSS
  • Written as a jQuery Extension

Planned features

  • Allow formatting of results to allow external data sources
  • Responsive/mobile support

This is a work in progress but I think the point it’s at is great for production use, if you have any feature requests or find a bug feel free to leave it in the comments. Demo Github Project

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