Create Slick Silver Text in Photoshop


Nicely looking text is always a great addition to your design. You may have seen this style around the web and it is very easy to make. It’s perfect for welcome text, logos, and headers.

Began with making some text (or apply this to any current text you have), fonts that are thicker work better for this technique since it’s more noticeable.

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View Your Hard Drive Space With WinDirStat

A great tool for visualizing what is taking up all of your disk space is WinDirStat. It displays all of your hard drive’s files in a visual form allowing you to easily see what is using the majority of space and seeing what to delete. WinDirStat also lets you view what filetypes are taking up what, so you can see if your avi collection is taking up most of your space or any type of files you use.

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Twitter for Beginners


New to Twitter? Don’t even know what it is? well then this post is for you. Well lets start with what it is, it’s mainly a way to stay connected with friends through bit sized messages 140 characters long. There are many ways to tell twitter what you’re doing and to see what your friends are doing, including through your phone, desktop apps, and of course the site itself.

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Center a Div Tag in CSS

Centering something with CSS isn’t very easy. Here is the simple code to center a div in the middle of a page. text-align: left; margin-top: 0; margin-right: auto; margin-bottom: 0; margin-left: auto; Just add that to a CSS Div and it will center it.

Display Images in HTML

Ok so you want to add a image to a HTML document, heres how you do it. <img src=”URL OF IMAGE”> <img src=””> This would produce this: More advanced things include alt, border, height, and width. Like this <img src=”” alt=”Google’s Logo” border=”2″ height=”30″ width=”30″> That would make this, because the height and width is …

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Creating Links in HTML

Ok well you want to link your pages to each other here’s what you need to do. <a href=”/page.html”>Name of the Link</a> Here is the code you use, the href is the page you want to link to. If you want to a page that’s not a local file you can do. <a href=””>Google</a> You …

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How to Limit Length of Text in PHP

Looking for a way to limit the length of a text string in PHP? Well here is a simple way to do it. In this example we will be using the PHP substr function. Let’s say you have a title like this:“This is a long title for a story this is a title wow.”And you …

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