Zune 4.0 Software Impressions

Zune 4.0 ImpressionsWith the launch of the Zune HD rolls out the Zune 4.0 software for PC. Adding features like quickplay, downloading Zune HD apps, smart playlists, and more. Quick play is the new default screen and allows you easily to play new songs in your collection, look at recently played songs, and room to bookmark artists, playlists, etc. It also offers apps for the Zune HD users from the marketplace such as weather, games, and Facebook is soon to come. The update also includes a much needed mini player so you can keep music running without having to take up your whole screen.


They also changed up the now playing screen with a little better graphics. Another new feature added is a “Smart DJ”, very similar to iTunes Genius bar. Basically the Smart DJ feature allows you to automatically make a playlist by putting in an artist you like and it generates a playlist from other bands based on it. Overall a great update, and an even better update if you’re a Zune HD user (if apps take off more, only a few at the moment).

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