Setting up Pidgin for Google Talk on a Custom Domain

Having trouble setting up Pidgin‘s Google Talk support for your custom Google Apps Domain? Well here are the simple settings that will get it all running for you.
pidgin-gtalk-settings-1pidgin-gtalk-settings-2Your username must be your name that you login with, for example mine is “Andy”. Fill in domain with the domain that the site is registered you, mine is “” and fill in your password as you normally would. The advanced settings are the important ones, you have to check mark the option “Force Old (Port 5223) SSL” and change the connect port to “5223“. The connect server should be set to “” and file transfer proxy should be “”. These settings will allow your custom domain gtalk to work with Pidgin.

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  1. Like the others said, thanks for this. Does anyone know of an Android client that will also allow me to do this?


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