Supr Slim Wallet Review

The Supr Slim Wallet which was funded over 2000% on Kickstarter is the best wallet I’ve ever used. It taught me one thing, I was wasting time and space carrying all the things I have been carrying in my wallet.

To start carrying the slim wallet I had to cut my wallet in half and now I see that none of it was necessary.  The wallet basically consists of an elastic band that holds your cards and money in place. I fit five cards and a few bills in this wallet and it still have room for more. The more cards you add to this wallet does make it harder to get out cards from the middle so I put my most used cards on the ends of the stack. Carrying money is somewhat annoying in the slim wallet but it only encourages me to use cards. The cards that I can’t carry and leave at  home I simply took a photo of and store them on Evernote so I can access them anytime (plus Evernote can search text in photos). Overall this is a fantastic alternative to conventional wallets and I recommend trying it.

Currently you cannot buy the Slim wallet but their site says it should be up in June via

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