How to Add a Super Admin to a WordPress Network (3 Methods)

Recently I was stuck with phpMyAdmin access but no WordPress Super Admin access in a WordPress network install.

Here is a quick post on how to add a user as a Super Admin with phpMyAdmin or using WordPress functions.

For those who don’t know the WordPress Super Admin in a network install gets to use the network admin page which is useful for managing blogs, plugins, and themes.

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Create a Hipster Logo in Photoshop

You’ve probably noticed a very popular trend recently of vintage styled logos, or “hipster” logos. Here’s a quick tutorial to craft up some of your own with resources and inspiration to inspire your hipster creation. For this tutorial I’ll be using the phrase “Visit the Sea, Travel Authentically”.

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WordPress Performance Plugins to Speed up your Site

One drawback to using a CMS like WordPress is loads of files included in each page load. Luckily most of your CSS and javascript files are registered within WordPress, allowing plugins to take easily control of them. Here’s a list of three performance plugins for WordPress to speed up your site that I constantly include in sites I start.

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Pebble Watch Review

The Pebble watch offers some pretty basic features accessible from your wrist for around $100. Skipping songs while driving, seeing who texted me without taking my phone out, and checking the time is most of the functionality I get out of this awesome gadget.

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Automate Your Home Lights with SmartThings

Take control of your home with a SmartThings hub, I recently bought one and now I’m addicted to adding more and more to my home automation setup. If you search “z-wave” on Amazon you’ll find plenty of gadgets to connect your home. Most recently, I added the GE Z-Wave Outlet which lets me turn the outlet off and on remotely. I use it to control the living room lights which we always turn on at night but now the new GE Outlet can automate this during sunrise and sunset.

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5 Awesome jQuery Plugins from 2013

Here’s my list of some of my favorite jQuery plugins I stumbled upon in 2013. Some of my favorite places to look for new jQuery plugins include Github’s Trending page and Webdesigner Depot’s “best of” posts. Not all of these are jQuery plugins but great Javascript plugins too.

Magnific Popup

Magnific popup is by far my favorite plugin of the year, I’ve always struggled finding great Lightbox plugins but they are usually flawed, Magnific knocks the competition out of the park. It runs fast, displays images in a huge modern fashion, and has all of the options you could ever want.


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LIFX Review

Everything is getting smarter in the house, well now we finally have a smart lightbulb. The LIFX lightbulb originally started on Kickstarter over a year ago destroying their goal of $100,000 with over a million dollars from backers.

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I Don’t Drink Coffee and Love My Keurig

I’ve only had a Keurig in my house for a couple of months and must say, it has completely changed what I drink. Normally I’d be chugging down bottles of water when I’m at home and now it’s all over the board. Right after having my first cup of tea from the Keurig I was instantly hooked. WOW, a warm drink anytime, no more microwaving or boiling water and it heats up extremely quick.

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