5 Awesome jQuery Plugins from 2013

Here’s my list of some of my favorite jQuery plugins I stumbled upon in 2013. Some of my favorite places to look for new jQuery plugins include Github’s Trending page and Webdesigner Depot’s “best of” posts. Not all of these are jQuery plugins but great Javascript plugins too.

Magnific Popup

Magnific popup is by far my favorite plugin of the year, I’ve always struggled finding great Lightbox plugins but they are usually flawed, Magnific knocks the competition out of the park. It runs fast, displays images in a huge modern fashion, and has all of the options you could ever want.



If you’re anything like me I love sites that let me drop files in to upload them, well Dropzone.js allows you to add that functionality to your site.



After the popularity of Youtube and Medium implimenting a small loading bar at the top of pages when requests are made spawned NProgress which adds this feature to your ajax based application.

nProgress jQuery Plugin


Have a ton of photos and need to squeeze them into a fixed space? Well CollagePlus is awesome for that, great for anyone who has a lot of photos to share.



Superbox offers a very unique image gallery experience, much like CollagePlus it’s great for people with a ton of pictures to share.

Superbox jQuery Plugin

Shameless Plug: Search as you Type

Figured I’d lastly include my jQuery plugin I wrote this year called sayt.js. It’s great for eCommerce sites or any other site with a search requiring autocomplete functionality.

sayt.js jquery plugin

What were some of your favorite plugins from 2013?

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