8 Resources & Tools I Use Daily

I’ve decided to compile a small list of resources I use on a daily bases including tools for optimizing your site, photoshop resources and a few blogs I read.

Pingdom – Pingdom is a great tool for finding bottle necks and testing the general speed of your pages

Kraken – This amazing tool will compress any images/css/js you have to smaller sizes to optimize your site’s speed

Sprite Cow – If you’re building CSS sprites for your site you need this tool, it will give you the css for each image you select in your sprite

Subtle Patterns – This site is full of subtle patterns which are amazing for any web or graphic design projects

Premium Pixels – An excellent resource of quality PSDs from Orman Clark

Smashing Magazine – If you’re in the web profession you should be reading this blog

Line 25 – A great blog by Chris Spooner with a new article in web design weekly, including tutorials and inspiration

zscreen – This Windows program will allow you to screenshot anything on your computer and instantly upload it to any image host

What tools do you use in your daily web adventures?

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