How to Use Internet Explorer on Mac for Free

As a web designer or developer you’ll find yourself needing to test in multiple browsers. The lack of Internet Explorer on Mac is apparent when most clients notice issues in IE.Well Microsoft created this awesome site for everything needed to test in IE. I figured most people should know this since I was unaware so here’s a quick step by step guide.

Running Internet Explorer on Mac

  1. Download VirtualBox to be used as a virtual machine for Windows.
  2. Download a virtual machine image off, you’ll have to click the VirtualBox option and it’ll supply you with links for different Windows/IE Versions. I’m simply using Windows 8 with IE 10.
  3. Download each part to download everything (in my case 5 parts).
  4. Next you’ll have to open up terminal and navigate to where your downloads are using cd (in my case “cd ~/Downloads”).
  5.  At this point you’ll have to run permissions on the file using “chmod +x IE10.Win8.For.MacVirtualBox.part1.sfx”. If you’re using a different version of Windows/IE you’ll have to change the filename to what you downloaded.
  6. To extract the contents simple run “./IE10.Win8.For.MacVirtualBox.part1.sfx” in terminal.
  7. Now you should have a file with a similar name “IE10 – Win8.ova” in your downloads directory which can be open in VirtualBox
  8. Enjoy Use Internet Explorer (and a free copy of Windows) on your Mac.

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