I Don’t Drink Coffee and Love My Keurig

I’ve only had a Keurig in my house for a couple of months and must say, it has completely changed what I drink. Normally I’d be chugging down bottles of water when I’m at home and now it’s all over the board. Right after having my first cup of tea from the Keurig I was instantly hooked. WOW, a warm drink anytime, no more microwaving or boiling water and it heats up extremely quick.

Oh would you look at that they even have an ice tea cup, just put ice in a cup and brew the warm tea right into it, now I’m making deliciously awesome cold drink. I try to limit my sugar intake so this concerned me but each cup is about 5g of sugar which blew me away even more. I’m drinking hot cocoa, Snapple, tea, cider, all types of drinks out of this thing.

There are some features of the Keurig that I’m surprised it doesn’t have, mainly WiFi, why doesn’t this damn thing have WiFi in this day and age. I should have an iOS app and be able to pick from 5 or 6 k-cups I have in a revolver of the Keurig and brew them while I’m still in bed. I’m sure they are working on a model that does this but I could  be automatically ordering more k-cups based on usage and track what I’m drinking to suggest other K-cups I’d like or even make new cups at the lab.

The interface is a bit poor but the quality of drinks it spits out is out of this world. Which is why I and everyone loves Keurig, the speed at which it can make a good drink is shocking. I may not be a coffee drinker but the Keurig was a surprising treat to a tea junkie and someone with a sweet tooth.

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