How I Find New Music

I spend much of my time listening to music, and I just wanted to share some of the websites and methods I use to find fresh music.

Almost always when you find me at the computer or in the car I’m listening to music. With over 4000 songs in my Zune I still crave more, here are some of the ways I pursue new music.

The Hypem Machine

Hype Machine has to be one of my favorite sites, it basically tracks music blogs and lets users vote on them. I spend a lot of time listening to the “popular” page of the site to see what is upcoming (Hypem’s popular is usually upcoming songs). The site allows you to monitor searches for your favorite artists also, creating a unique feed for artists you like. (If you’re interested here’s my Hypem profile)

While driving a great way to explore a genre is to have XM or Sirius in your car. I’ve discovered plenty of songs through satellite radio, and the best part is if you like a song you can see the title right on the display. (My favorite stations include BPM, BBC Radio 1, and SiriusXM U)

Wa wa wa waaaadio

If you like to let the DJ (or robot DJ) do all the work for you, you might want to find a nice online radio station. I’ve found plenty of older and newer songs I’ve never heard of while listening to internet radio, and after downloading they’ve been a great addition to my collection. I suggest browsing station in the Shoutcast directory using WinAmp. A few of my favorite stations include FrenchKiss FM,, and TechnoBase FM.

When all else fails see what your friends are tuning into, it also helps to “like” bands and artits on Facebook to see when they release new work.

How do you explore music? Grooveshark? Pandora? Concerts? Let us know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “How I Find New Music”

  1. I use Rdio for most of my music needs. I used to use Grooveshark but the unorganized music management system left me frustrated. Rdio is fantastic.

    I also use Pandora, which is my primary method of finding new stuff. If I hear a song I like on Pandora I bookmark it so I can go back later and add it to my Rdio collection.

    As a side note, get Disqus or something for commenting. Please.


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