Chrome Extensions I Couldn’t Live Without as a Web Developer

Often I find myself recommending Chrome extensions to people so here’s my full list of favorite extensions.

From ad blocking, utility and web development there is a bit of everything on my favorites.

uBlock Origin (ad blocking)

It’s hard to browse the net now-a-days without an ad blocker and uBlock is the best I’ve found. Many ad blocking solutions have become corrupt by serving ads themselves or destroying browser performance, luckily uBlock doesn’t have any of these issues with it’s lightweight extension.

Live CSS Editor

*For Developers* Sometimes you just need to paste a chunk of CSS into a page to see if it works, Live CSS editor is great for this. If I am unable to edit a site I can start working right away with this extension then paste my changes to the server-side file when I have access.

HTTP Header Spy

*For Developers* I’m constantly debugging all types of cache in Chrome. HTTP Header Spy makes it super easy to see the headers of a page so I can easily see if a page is a hit or miss in Varnish or even redirecting.

News Feed Eradicator

I can sit on the Facebook news feed for hours, this extension completely removes the news feed from Facebook. It’s pretty self explanatory why everyone would need this.

PixelBlock (block tracking in Gmail)

If you’re ever worried about people knowing if someone opened your email PixelBlock blocks all tracking inside Gmail emails. This way you won’t have to worry about newsletters, marketing services or sales teams knowing if you’ve seen an email.

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