iPhone iOS5 Hands-on

Impressions of iOS5With iOS5 announced and coming fall of 2011 I decided to run the developer version of iOS5 on my iPhone. Apple has seemed to fix every complaint and issue people have had with the OS, and it works wonderfully.

ios5 setup screeniOS5 notification bar widgetsiOS5 notifications on lockscreen

The biggest change is to notifications, it no longer pops up interfering with what you are doing but rather gives you an Android like alert at the top of the screen. To see all your notifications you just drag down the top of your screen to see notifications, and they even added a stock and weather widget in the dropdown.

iOS visual differences in messages

A lot of visual tweaks are welcomed, such as changes in the messaging apps and adding a slightly different style around menus. The notification settings are also a lot more complex than they used to be, which is a great addition if you preferred the old style messages.

Being able to setup/sync your device all wirelessly is a nice addition. They even had a setting during start up that allowed me to sync everything from iCloud, meaning when I get a new iPhone I can pull all my photos and settings back down without having to do anything besides logging in. Apple has improved iOS in nearly every way, some issues were it ran a little slower and a few apps don’t work, but I assume these issues will be resolved by it’s fall launch.

iOS and Android’s OS are pretty tightly matched after iOS5 in my opinion, but what do you think?

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