Quick View Shopping Cart (PSD)

preview Quick View Shopping Cart (PSD)

Here’s a fabulous shopping cart quick view dropdown which is great for any eCommerce project you’re working on.

This Freebie was inspired by Orman Clark on PremiumPixels.com

Written by Andy Feliciotti

Andy Feliciotti is a Designer in College Park, Maryland. He diggs web design, HDR photography, wordpress, and fast cars. Follow Andy's adventures on Facebook.

  • Koula

    Hi Andy, thanks. I’m fairly new to all this. So this is -just- a photoshop image that will still require coding to be used as a quickview cart? Or can you provide the coding/script as well? Thanks!

    • http://drawne.com Andy Feliciotti

      Hey Koula, yeah this is just a photoshop image :(, perhaps in the future I’ll make a tutorial where I slice it up. Depending on what platform you’re using, some have theme’s w/ a similar quick cart style.