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Fully custom WordPress theme for the DC area based pizza chain.

Skills: WordPress, Javascript, Responsive Web Design

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Custom jQuery plugin for search boxes to display search results as the user types.

Skills: Javascript, jQuery

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Project included heavily modifying an eCommerce site using Opencart. Including themeing, plugin creation, and backend integration with current backend software.

Skills: HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, OpenCart, PHP


Fully designed responsive eCommerce site including newsletters, homepage, search pages, product pages, and cart checkout flows.

Skills: HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, Photoshop, Responsive Web Design

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Above and Beyond Commercial Cleaning

Designed in Adobe Photoshop and sliced into HTML/CSS.

Skills: HTML/CSS, Photoshop

Drawne Blog

Custom Wordpress theme plus articles produced by me.

Skills: Photoshop, PHP, Wordpress

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Andy Feliciotti

Andy Feliciotti is a Web Designer from College Park, Maryland. He diggs web design and social media, user experience, photography, fast cars, and anything with an Apple on it.

Skill Progression

Cutting Men's Hair

What They Say About Me via LinkedIn

Andy is the most focused and motivated person I have ever worked with. He meets goals ahead of schedule, and his work consistently exceeds expectations.

Andy's recommendations hold significant weight when the company makes strategic decisions due to his comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of technologies, techniques, and best practices. His passion for learning is reflected in his work every day, and KnifeCenter benefits directly and significantly from his design and programming skills.

Daniel Meola CTO KnifeCenter.com

I worked with Andy at Ledo Pizza System, Inc. for a couple of years on a daily basis as his direct manager. Andy is a self starter and out of the box thinker

who manages projects with precision and diligence. Andy is an honest, dedicated team player and I heartily recommend him for any position which he seeks in the future.

Will Robinson VP Marketing Ledo Pizza

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