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My Favorite Things/Content from January 2021

I figured I would start sharing some of my favorites from the month, this month I’ll be sharing some of my favorite WordPress plugins, articles, shows, and games I have been into.

WordPress Plugins

WP Featherlight – Super lightweight and simple light box plugin.


Online Privacy: How to Get Off the Radar With Ease (noob-friendly). – Fantastic break down of privacy oriented options when browsing the web.

Movies/Shows/YouTube Videos

Greener Grass – Super odd movie, if you like strange movies I recommend it, I was crying laughing the whole time.

Night Stalker – Riveting series about a murderer in Los Angeles.

Pretend That You Love Me – Hard to explain, but a film made by Joel Haver that includes some personal and interesting concepts.


World of Warcraft – Tried and true classic, their latest expansion has been a blast.

Hitman 3 – One of my favorite gaming series, well worth playing if you’re new to it.

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